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Ogedengbe Agbogungboro, Okunrin Kukuru bi iku, Eni iku ni npa ni, Ani ki a ta laya, a ki owo bo ni enu, Gbandu bi igi ahere oko, A soro gigun bi igi obobo, Iharape ti kekere digun mora, Ako emo  ti nbere ija lowo ologbo, Jakanjakan ti nke bi ewure, Gudugudu abeyin jakanjakan, Fija Kale a jojo ija kalu, A nlee bo lehin o tun nle ara iwaju lo, O seenu ara re o fi okun igbo de, O soko Ekiti soko Akoko, Eni Akoko nbimo sin lese Oke, A roju ba won rerin Baba Ogunleye, Ogbogbo imo to be Anaye witiwiti, Olowo ori Ogunyemi. 

Gbogungboro lo loke Anaye, Odidi omo Afodidigun, O fiwaju digun, Otun feyin digun, Odidi omo Afodidigun, Ayanmode Baba Ogbe, Odidi omo Afodidigun, O fiwaju digun, Otun feyin digun, Odidi omo Afodidigun, gbogun gbogun odidi. 

Mr S.O & Mrs G.I Ogedengbe - OGASE International Limited - The Ogedengbe's behind www.ogedengbe.comMr Stephen Oladipupo Ogedengbe  &

Mrs Grace Ibiyinka Ogedengbe

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Ogedengbe.com website was created in honour and permanent memory of my Late Father, His Highness, Chief Stephen Olusesan Ogedengbe, The Obanla Ogedengbe of Ijeshaland III; and my Grand Father, Late Pa Daniel Elabiyi Ogedengbe, alias Eko Ogedengbe; and my Great Grand Father, His Highness, Chief Orisarayibi Ogedengbe Agbogungboro, The Great Ogedengbe of  Ilesha - The Commander-in-Chief of the Ekiti-Parapo Army – The Legendary African Warrior King, and The Ist Obanla of Ijeshaland (Oba-Ala Ogedengbe of Ilesha I). 

Also to honour the Obanla Ogedengbe of Ijeshaland II and IV, to showcase Ijeshaland Monarch (Owa-Obokun of Ijeshaland), to promote Ijeshaland History and Culture, past and present, and to advocate and bring awareness to the proposed IJESA STATE (The Land of Gold) in a positive way, using the most modern method. It is also an avenue where Ijeshas both at home and in diaspora can interact online with each other using the on-line guestbook (Messages can be left using the on-line guest book which can be found under "The Warrior King" section of the site at the bottom of the page; messages can be viewed or read under "The Warrior Drummers" section of the site, at the bottom of the page).

Ogedengbe.com is the celebration of my ancestors, Ogedengbe of Ilesha; and the land of my ancestors, Ijeshaland. It is with great pleasure to introduce to you my lineage within the Ogedengbe of Ilesha Dynasty. Happy Viewing…..

(19th - 21st century)

HRH Chief Orisarayibi Ogedengbe of Ilesha, The Legendary African warrior (1st generation - www.ogedengbe.com)His Highness, Chief Orisarayibi Ogedengbe, Oba-Ala Ogedengbe of Ilesha I (The Obanla of Ijeshaland). The first generation of the Great Ogedengbe dynasty. He was born in Ilesha in the early 19th century to Pa Apasanforijiwa and Madam Falupo. Ogedengbe died on the 29th July 1910. 

Pa Daniel Elabiyi Ogedengbe, son of HRH Chief Sarayibi Ogedengbe (2nd generation - www.ogedengbe.com)Pa Daniel Elabiyi Ogedengbe, alias "Eko Ogedengbe" was one of Ogedengbe's sons (above). The second generation of the Great Ogedengbe dynasty. He was born in Ilesha in 1883 to Madam Ogunyemi. When Ogunyemi could not conceive, she was taken to Imogbara Village, near Ilesha, at Idi Osun, where she later conceived and gave birth to Elabiyi.
Pa Daniel Elabiyi Eko Ogedengbe was in his twenties when his father, HRH Chief Orisarayibi Ogedengbe, The Obanla Ogedengbe of Ijesaland I died in 1910.
Pa Daniel Elabiyi died in 1975, aged 92 years old. 

HRH, Chief Stephen Olusesan Ogedengbe, Obanla Ogedengbe III, Son of Pa Daniel Elabiyi Ogedengbe (3rd generation - www.ogedengbe.com)His Highness, Chief Stephen Olusesan Ogedengbe, Oba-Ala Ogedengbe of Ilesha III was the second son of Pa Daniel Elabiyi Ogedengbe(above). The third generation of the Great Ogedengbe dynasty. He was born in Ilesha in 1929 to Madam Comfort Tinuade Ogedengbe (nee Omole of Idifi). Chief S.Olu Ogedengbe died in 2001, aged 72 years old.

Stephen Oladipupo Ogedengbe, son of HRH Chief Stephen Olusesan Ogedengbe (4th generation - www.ogedengbe.com)Stephen Oladipupo Ogedengbe, The Chairman of OGASE Holdings, is one of HRH, Chief Stephen Olusesan Ogedengbe's sons (above). The fourth generation of the Great Ogedengbe dynasty. Ladi Ogedengbe was born to Olori Chief (Mrs) Raliat Atinuke Ogedengbe (nee Ashogbon of Lagos)

Thank you for visiting our Internet site.

In the meantime, If you have any relevant information regarding the late warrior you wish to share with us, please forward it to us via our email address: contact@ogedengbe.com. The emphasis of our site is on Ogedengbe himself. This topic is certainly an interesting and educating one.

History books, Journals and Epic movie has been made in honour of Ogedengbe but having a website in his memory will surely retain all the useful pieces of information the Yoruba Warlord left behind in the most modern way.

We sincerely hope that by having all these information on the Internet, the wonderful history of the Great Ogedengbe, Ilesha's favourite son shall be sealed in the 21st century and beyond and immortalised for many more generations to see.

This is definitely a history in the making that must never be allowed to die.

To all the ogedengbe descendants and Ijeshaland indigenes all over the world - I salute you!! - Baba re a gbeo !!!

Happy Viewing...


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